History of Mexico

Mexico is a large country where several civilizations lived during centuries.

Initially, Olmecas occupied Mexico of 1500 front-JC with 400 front-JC.

Then the civilization of Teotihuacán arrived of 300 ap-JC at600 ap-JC.

In IXth century, Toltèques populated part of Mexico.

Of IVth century in XVth century, the Mayas lived in Palenque and in Yucatán.

Finally the Aztec civilization was installed on the Texcoco lake from 1400 to 1500 after- JC by building Tenochtitlán, the future town of Mexico City.

In 1502, Christophe Colomb discovered this country. Unfortunately, Spanish unloaded into 1519 with Hernán Cortés and accosted in Veracruz. In 1520, they killed the emperor Moctezuma then Cuauhtémoc, the last emperor of Azteca's civilization. Once these massacres finished, Spanish seized the city .

In 1824, the Mexicans proclaimed the independence and the creation of the republic.

Between 1910 and 1917 it was held the famous Mexican revolution with Emilio Zapata and Pancho Villa.

The current freedom fighters were born in 1970 and since1994, the Under-Commander Marcos fights for the recognition of the rights of the Indians of Chiapas. It is an organization of "guerilleros " which wants an independence for the Indians.

Financial crisis of December 1994 which especially shakes the optimism of the international financial community in Latin America(effect " Tequila "). In this same year, election campaign where the candidate with the presidency Luis Donaldo Colosio will be assassinated and where current president Ernesto Zedillo will be elected head of the State.

For this time there have remained traces of these civilizations, i.e., the pyramids Aztecas and Mayas.