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Population: 97,5 million inhabitants

Growth rate of the population: 21%

Density of the population: 50,1 habitant/km²

Life expectancy (Men/Women): 60ans/70ans

Rate of elimination of illiteracy: 90%

Surface of the country: 1 908 690 km²

Langues : Spanish (official language), various languages autochtones (Nahualt, Otomi).

Religions : Catholics 90%, Protestants and others 10%

PNB : 348,6 billion dollars

PNB/inhabitant : 3 680 dollars

Unit monétaire : 1 peso Mexican

Member of Organization ALENA (Agreement of North-AmericanFree-Exchange)

Presidency: President of the Republic elected every six years (next election are on 2000) and the current President is Ernesto Zedillo

Illegal drugs: Important producer of Marijuana

Weather: 18°C with at 2000 meters (Mexico City), 25-30°C average on the coasts, at North, cold winter (10°C) hot summer (30°). The country has only 2 seasons: the dry season and the rain season from May until September approximately. In the rain season, the downpours fall at the end of the afternoon and last only one hour.

Row in the world: 1st silver, 4th coffee and corn, 5th sugar, the 6th oil, 7th bovines, reserves crude oil and lead, 8th porcine, 10th natural gas

To telephone in Mexico: 00 52 + number

Flag of Mexico:

Figures on the capital, Mexico City:

Population of the city: 18 000 000 inhabitants

Population city and Agglomeration: 25 000 000 inhabitants

Map of Mexico City