Aztec Gods


Xipe Totec : god of the West; revival and vegetation. His color is the red.

Huitzilopochtli : god of the South. war, hunt, sun, Master of the world. Human victims regularly were offered to him. His color is the blue.

Quetzalcóalt : god of the East. Life and twins,Venus planet, wind, craft industry, inventor of the calendar. His color was the white.

Tezcatlipoca : God of the North. Sky, providence, inventor of the fire. His color is the black.

Tlaloc : god of the Rain, and the Lightning

Coatlicue : goddess of the Earth and mother of Huitzilopochtli

Xochiquetzal : god of the flowers

Xochipilli : god of the beauty


The Mayas Gods

Hunab : Creator of the world

Iztamma : Son of Hunab. God of the sky, the writing, codex, and the calendar

Kinch Ahau : Solar god, often associated with Iztamma

Chaak : God of the rain, serpenti form, long nose (name deformed from Aztec Tlaloc)

Yumtaax : God of corn: the basic staple food.

Kukulcan : God of the Wind (of Aztec Quetzalcóalt)

Ah Puch : God of Death, emaciated cranium and sonnetes

Ek Chuah : God of the War, associated with Ah Puch.

All the natural phenomena had their gods.