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City: State de Guerrero, 417 km in the south of Mexico City

Information: Tourist bureau, cost. Miguel Aleman, 251 D

Site dedicated to Acapulco


City: Coast of the south-west of the peninsula of Yucatan, to 250 km in the south-west of Mérida

Information: Oficina de Turismo, Baluarte San Carlos


City: State de Quintana Roo to the N.E. of the peninsula of Yucatan, to 350 km in the east of Mérida, on the Caribbean Sea

Visit Cancun and discover its principal tourist activities

  Chichen Itza

City: State de Yucatan, to 119 km of Mérida

Information: With the input of the site, or the Tourist bureau of Mérida


City: State de Jalisco, about 600 km in the west of Mexico City

Information: Tourist office, AV. Juarez

Discover this city thanks to its history and with a visit of the principal monuments

Mexico City

City: In the heart of the Mexican, capital Republic of Mexico

Information: Office of tourist information to the airport.Secretariat of tourism: AV Presidente Masaryk 172. Tourist bureau:AV. Juarez 92 (Chapultepec).

Site of US embassy goverment in Mexico

Site of Canadian embassy goverment in Mexico


City: State de Nuevo Leon, with 915km in the North of Mexico City and 130 km of Nuevo-Laredo (border of Texas)

Guide city


City: State de Oaxaca, to 541 km in the south-east of Mexico City

Information: Tourist office, front. Independencia, Municipal Palacio.

Site dedicated to Oaxaca


City: State de Chiapas, to 1231 km in the east of Mexico City

Information: In the enter of the ruins


City: State de Puebla, about 132 km of Mexico City

Information: Office of tourism, calle 5 Directs (close to the post office).

Visit Puebla through its history and its principal sites of its area

Puerto Vallarta

City: State de Jalisco, to 995 km in the West of Mexico City and to 395 km of Guadalajara

Information: Ask the reception hotels

Official site of Puerto Vallarta


City: State de Veracruz, to 431 km in the east of Mexico City, on the Gulf of Mexico

Information: Tourist bureau, on Zocalo, in Municipal Palacio

Facts for the Traveler

Visas: Citizens of many countries - including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and virtually all Western European countries - do not require visas to enter Mexico as tourists. However, they must obtain a Mexican government tourist card (tarjeta de turista), available from embassies or at border crossings.



Weather in Mexico

Yahoo! Weather : A forecast weather for Mexico cityby city


The electricity in eastern Mexico is 10 volts with 60 Hz and the plugs are as in the United States.

Time Shift

Mexico has 3 zones but in general the hour in eastern Mexico is GMT -6 i.e.

Webs Links

Mexico Connect : A very complete magazine and useful guide for Mexico

Lonely Planet : A short guide of Mexico with useful info

Mexico Host : Good guide for mains cities

Guide2Mexico : Another useful and complete guide

Mexican maps ands photos : Numerous photos and maps of Mexico by 'Mexico Connect'


Useful Adresses

Embassies in Mexico:

Site of US embassy goverment in Mexico

Site of Canadian embassy goverment in Mexico

Embassies and consulates in others countries:

Mexico Embassy in USA

Mexico Embassy in UK

Mexico Embassy in Australia

Adresses of Mexican Consulates in the U.S. & Canada

Consulates of Mexico in USA (Yahoo!)

Consulate of Mexico in Canada